Laser Dentistry in Henderson, NV

Are you interested in an innovative, new approach to dental care? Southridge Dental Care offers laser Dentistry as a minimally invasive way to treat and prevent gum disease. Dr. Byronn G. Hahn works with you to develop a treatment plan to protect soft gum tissue, improve your overall dental health, and highlight your beautiful smile.

Laser dentistry is a modern solution for patients who suffer from anxiety or want to supplement traditional methods of dental care. Our Henderson laser dental treatments promote enhanced healing for a healthier, fully functional smile. 

Periodontal Care and Laser Therapy

At Southridge Dental Care, we are committed to using only proven methods of care and the best technology. Advances in laser tools have made it possible for dentists to treat periodontal issues and perform dental treatments more comfortably. We treat different stages of gum disease and provide continuous maintenance to protect you from future infections.  

Periodontal disease develops when tartar builds up underneath the gumline, causing the gums to pull away from the teeth and allowing bacteria to spread. These bacteria have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy complications. While sore, red, and swollen gums are typically the early signs of gum disease, other symptoms to take note of include: 

Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing
Loose teeth
Persistent bad breath
Gum pain or discomfort 

How Does it Work?

Laser therapy is an advanced method that eliminates the bacteria irritating soft tissues or damaging your health. A dental laser is especially beneficial to patients because it clots blood vessels and seals off sensitive tissues from bacteria, eliminating the need for incisions and sutures. Laser therapy, in combination with traditional periodontal methods, supports improved oral health and makes periodontal treatment comfortable. 

The laser is used to clear debris from pockets around teeth, creating easy access to the treatment area. While doing so, it generates little to no discomfort, since it has no moving parts and does not generate heat. As a result, patients recover more quickly and experience minimized pain following the procedure. 

Contact Southridge Dental Care for Optimal Oral Health

Dr. Hahn and his team of dedicated professionals are passionate about meeting patients’ dental needs and expectations. With proven dental methods and modern technologies, we help patients’ smiles reach their optimal health and beauty. If have any questions on how dental lasers can benefit your next procedure, contact our Henderson dental office to schedule an appointment today. 


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