Dental Implants

Complete Your Smile with Affordable Dental Implants

A complete smile is a healthy smile. At Southridge Dental of Henderson, Dr. Byronn Hahn provides patients with a number of options for replacing missing teeth. Among our most popular and successful tooth restorations is dental implants. With this innovative procedure, patients enjoy the benefits of a natural looking smile that contributes to their overall dental function and long-term oral health.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Our mission at Southridge Dental is to provide patients with a permanent solution to tooth-loss. For many patients, dental implants are a long-term investment for missing or severely damaged teeth. When compared to traditional tooth restoration solutions, dental implants are the only permanent replacement for missing teeth. 

In addition to filling gaps left by missing teeth, dental implants preserve tooth alignment. With implants fused to the jaw bone, surrounding natural teeth will not shift. Dental implants also prevent other oral health issues such as teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). 

When a lost tooth is not replaced by an implant, the jaw will eventually weaken, loosening adjacent teeth and potentially damaging your oral health. Dental implants are surgically placed and fuse to the bone to stimulate the bone growth, reinforcing the foundation of your smile. 

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are made up of three unique components. The titanium, biocompatible post is surgically inserted into the jaw. Above the post sits the abutment, which acts as the connecting piece for the final prosthetic, or crown. 

In comparison to traditional dentures or bridges, dental implants are incredibly versatile. To better meet each patient’s unique restoration needs, Dr. Hahn offers patients a number of dental implant options such as: 

All-on-Four: Unlike traditional implants, four implant posts are used to support a removable overdenture. This cost-effective approach to multiple tooth restorations provides patients with the flexibility of traditional dentures combined with the stability of independent dental implants. 

Standalone dental implants: These independent implants are frequently used when the patient requires singular dental restorations. At Southridge Dental, Dr. Hahn both places and restores dental implants to blend in with your surrounding teeth, ensuring a seamless smile and long-lasting results.  


Patient Experience

When treating our patients, our Henderson dental team strives to provide patients with great care, helping them feel comfortable before, during, and after their treatment. For the best dental experience, Southridge Dental specializes in oral conscious sedation. This oral sedative can help patients relax while receiving treatment. 

In particular, dental sedation is especially helpful for patients suffering from dental anxiety. For these patients, even the idea of visiting the dentist can cause a panic attack. With oral conscious sedation, dental care becomes a stress-free experience. As sedation dentistry can be applied to any procedure, patients can remain calm and relaxed during their dental procedures.

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